William R. Lee, MD



William R. Lee, MD

Nonsurgical Orthopedic Care

The Mindful Orthopedic Institute (MOI) in Chelsea, Michigan is focused on the personalized, nonsurgical treatment of orthopedic diseases affecting the spine, upper and lower extremities in adolescents and adults.

Our Approach

Dr. William Lee's method of treatment integrates traditional orthopedic interventions with a new method of walking which we refer to as Deliberate Walking. Deliberate Walking simulates habitual barefoot walking and running. The method involves a three-pronged approach incorporating education, practice, and sharing, centered around mindfulness. Change the way you walk and run, and you will feel better.

The method works for joint pain, arthritis, muscle weakness, joint instability, imbalance with fear of falling, overuse injuries and many other conditions. Traditional orthopedic interventions, including medications, injections, physical therapy, and orthotics/prosthetics, are discussed as treatment options. This approach is ideal for people motivated to avoid surgery as well as a way to prepare for and recovery from surgery with better surgical outcomes. Deliberate Walking empowers better health, fitness, and well-being, with less time, expense, and surgery.

All you need is yourself, and a desire to change the way you walk and run.