Where is your office located?

The Mindful Orthopedic Institute office is located in Chelsea, Michigan, off exit #157 off of I-94. Please see our contact page for directions and map. 

How should I dress for the appointment?

Dress in casual clothing that allows you to stand and walk comfortably.  Bring or wear shoes that you like to use to walk, so that your walking can be observed and evaluated wearing foot wear.

What should I bring for evaluation along with myself?

Bring 2-3 pairs of shoes that you wear most commonly.  Dr. Lee will evaluate the wear patterns of your shoes. Also, bring orthotics that you are currently using or have been previously prescribed.

Do you treat broken bones?

Dr. Lee will evaluate anyone with a broken bone/fracture.  If the bone is broken in a way that the best treatment option is surgical, he will help you obtain a consultation with a surgeon to fix your fracture.  Otherwise, Dr. Lee will provide care for your upper and lower extremity fractures.

Do you treat children?

Dr. Lee evaluates children and adolescents of all ages with upper and lower extremities problems.  He will manage and treat most problems.  Occasionally, a problem may require more advanced care and consultation with a Pediatric Orthopedic surgeon will be arranged.

What if I need surgery?

Some orthopedic conditions are best treated with surgery.  Sometimes non-surgical treatment does not produce the desired outcome and a possible surgical solution exists. Dr. Lee will help you arrange an Orthopedic consultation with an active surgeon to discuss your surgical option.

Can I get x-rays at your facility?

X-rays are not taken in Dr. Lee’s office.  If x-rays are needed Dr. Lee usually sends patients to Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital in Chelsea.  Dr. Lee will review all digital images with you on his computer monitor in his office.

Do you take (my) insurance?

Dr. Lee participates with most all insurance products except for HAP and certain Medicaid products. Dr. Lee’s participation with your insurance will confirmed prior to your first office visit.