Mary O. - Neck, back, shoulder, and heel pain

“I am on a different path than I ever imagined. I am excited to go to work each day because physical limitations no longer control my ability to participate in activities with my kids. Preschoolers are notorious for sneaking up on you and hugging you tightly around the neck. That tight squeeze sent me to my doctor several times in the past. DW has changed that.

My neck, back, and foot pain began MANY years ago. I was 24 when my lower back went out for the first time. I began wearing orthotics due to plantar fasciitis at age 22. Lower back and neck issues due to bulging and a herniated disc limited my mobility and activity for the past 25 years. I even had neck surgery to alleviate the pain I was experiencing because of pinched nerves. Despite my injuries, I've had a very active lifestyle. But there were many things I no longer did because when I did them they seemed to cause further injury.

After learning about Deliberate Walking last winter when I saw Dr. Lee for what I thought was a shoulder injury, I decided to give it a try. It has changed my life. I am able to do things I never thought I would again do and I am convinced it is due to walking with the shorter strides and not using a heel toe gait. Prior to walking this new way or the way we were really meant to walk, every time I took a step I landed on my heel. The impact of walking this way was not making me stronger like Deliberate Walking has. I began walking using the gait Dr. Lee taught me in February of 2017. My chronic neck pain became a memory and in a few months the lower back issues I've had and learned to live with started to improve. I began being able to lift 25 lb bags of bird seed and eventually the big 40 lb bags without my lower back going out a week later. I am now enjoying a real Michigan winter because I can again shovel snow. I'm almost 50. I haven't been able to shovel snow without lower back issues since I was 24. I continue to get stronger and be more active. I am so thankful to live in a community where we have Dr. Lee's careful analysis of our physiology available. He has a gift for questioning and making sense of how our bodies work.”